How to Correctly Review Concepts

Reviewing concepts, which is part 3 of from the lesson plan template, seems as if it would be simple enough.  Unfortunately, it's far too easy to mishandle, which can result in some dismal outcomes.

1.  Don't Cut Corners:  The lesson plan you create for your struggling learner is absolutely crucial.  If you cut corners here, you will likely create a domino effect. Be completely prepared, so when you are working with your child, you can work towards his greatest understanding and success.

2.  Truly Understand the Concepts:  The Learning Box at the top of most worksheets is critical. This lists the objectives you will be covering with your student. Be careful not to have your student simply read through them quickly. DISCUSS EACH ONE THOROUGHLY until you are sure he completely understands them before moving on to the next one.


3.  Turn the Concepts Into Questions:  To be certain your student truly does comprehend what's coming, change each bullet point into a question.  For example, on the wh worksheet, you could ask, "If an o comes after a wh, what sound does it make?" [/h/]


4.  Refer Back to the Learning Box:  As you're working through the worksheet, refer to the specific bullet point in the learning box when your student gets stuck.

5.  Don't Forget the Kinesthetic Pathway:  Auditory and visual pathways to the brain are usually not as challenging to incorporate by using color, music, etc.  Remember to include a kinesthetic pathway of movement or feeling.

6.  Take Notes: Don't forget to record any information regarding your child's understanding in the right column.  Use this knowledge to guide your next lesson.  This is imperative!