Where Do I Start?

In order to make the most of your OG & Beyond worksheet packet, do a little preparation.

  1. Print off the flashcards.  Be sure to put each category of phoneme on a different color.  This will help your student differentiate between the different sounds that one phonogram can have.  For example, the vowel team ea has two different pronunciations. It can be short as in bread or long as in team.  The different colors will help your student in the beginning stages. Then with frequent repetition, the different sounds can be memorized.  Be sure to use them in some format with every lesson.
  2. Assess your student. Keep track on the Multiple Spellings check-off sheets as you flip through the flashcards. Then, assess sight words using the Red Word list.  Once your student has missed three or four words, stop.  There is no point in incurring frustration.  This will give you a baseline foundation of what your student does and doesn't know.
  3. Create a sequence for long range planning that best suits your student.  Or, if you're not sure, use the following suggestions and tweak as necessary.   Incorporate at least one activity from the syllable sequencing and one activity from the skill sequencing.  The syllable sequencing is in green and red below.  Green is for the 6 Types of Syllables or CLOVER chart.  Red is for the 6 Syllable Division Patterns.  It may be helpful to print off one Skill Sequencing chart per student. This makes a helpful record when used to keep track of concepts covered with each child.
  4. Fill out a lesson plan and be sure to incorporate every component of the lesson as explained on the lesson plan instructions.  Your first lesson should include the worksheet The Big Picture.  Give your student an overview and build foundational scaffolding for upcoming skills.
  5. Keep track of skills from each lesson that the child finds challenging.  Be sure to cover them again during the next session.
  6. For the best results, three or four sessions a week will help your student to progress.  If that isn't possible, two are needed as a minimum.  Only one session a week will make progress difficult.  Repetition needs to occur more frequently in order for retention of skills from one week to the next.

Syllable Sequence

Skills Sequence