Angel Educator's Story

Angel Educator's worksheets are based on an approach that was developed almost a century ago.  It has proven to be so effective that it's still in use today.  Few instructional materials have withstood this test of time.  It's based on using all three pathways to the brain: auditory, visual and kinesthetic.  It's designed to meet the individual needs of students who benefit from direct instruction in reading.

How are we different?

1.  The Learning Box
Near the top of most of the worksheets is the learning box.  This is a list of the concepts to be covered.  It may look something like this:

It's critical to read through them, discuss them and refer back to them throughout the worksheet.

2.  Practice and Application
Next your students will have the opportunity to put those concepts to practice.  This is your opportunity to ask them why they made the choices they did.  Their answers should reference the concepts in the learning box.  The practice and application section may look something like this:

3.  Review
Finally, students review what they've learned by repeating the concepts from the learning box.  However, they will need to fill in some critical components themselves.  This allows you to take note of what they have comprehended and what needs review.

This format has led to some astounding results as these parents saw in their children:

My son just asked to read to us all before bed and we were astounded. His reading is amazing!  I can't believe what a difference Angel Educators is making.
KA, Faribault, MN, parent of 3

My children have had both individual tutors and large box tutoring companies.  OG is the only thing that has raised their academic baselines.
JB, Naples, FL, parent of 3