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6 Types of Syllables gr. K-8

6 Types of Syllables gr. K-8

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Learn the 6 types of syllables determined by Orton & Gillingham, each with their own syllable pattern:

  • C      Closed
  • L       Consonant-L-E
  • O      Open
  • V      Vowel Team
  • E       Silent E
  • R      R Controlled

The acronym CLOVER helps your struggling or dyslexic readers remember these syllables.  CLOVER charts (or 6 Types of Syllables) are at the end of this collection of worksheets. Included are complete instructions on how to have your reading students keep track of each type of syllable.  This effective approach will increase mastery and help them fully comprehend how these types of syllables affect pronunciation.

Number of pages: 118

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