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Consonant Digraphs gr. 1-8

Consonant Digraphs gr. 1-8

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Help your dyslexic reader, or any reader wishing to improve, understand how two or more letters can come together to create one sound or digraph.  These worksheets are appropriate for grades 1-8, but comprehensive explanations will provide a path to mastery for your student of any age.  They go far beyond most familiar consonant digraphs as you can see in the Table of Contents.  These worksheets progress from familiar basic digraphs to an in-depth level of understanding for older students. 

  • For example, when the letters ci are followed by an a, the a acts as a trigger and will often make the ci sound like the digraph /sh/ as in 'special.'
  • Or, when struggling with spelling, learn when to use c, k, or the digraph ck .
  • Find out how the placement of a digraph in a word, whether initial, middle or final position can determine its spelling. 

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